Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sam's recent obsession with Mariology

We have a problem. Sam doesn't like Jesus. I mean, he really doesn't like Jesus.

Someone gave us a plush nativity set which is currently one of Sam's favorite toys. Whenever I hand him the baby Jesus, however, he holds it for a split second and then throws it across the room. This action is quickly followed by him scooping up Mary and Joseph--one in each hand--and nuzzling them. He kisses Mary and Joseph. He waves them around. He loves Mary and Joseph. But Jesus? No thank you.

This wasn't just a one time, "Oh look, Sam threw the baby Jesus." It's every single time he plays with this toy. Today Jesus was thrown across our living room four times. Four times.

I don't know about this kid. I just don't know.


millinerd said...

At least it's biblical. The motto of all good Marian devotion should bring further assurance: "To Christ through Mary."

Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

Maybe he just doesn't want a sibling yet. :)

Amanda said...

My friend Denise suggested that perhaps it's just an Advent thing, and he'll get into Christ after Dec. 25.

denise said...

I thought of another explanation: Sam's an Iconoclast!

Amanda said...

I will say, Denise, he loves Santa. Absolutely loves him. Our neighbors have a very classy ornament of Santa riding a jet-ski. Every time we go over there Sam makes a bee-line for it and carries it around the house like a security blanket.

David Drury said...

Reminds me of John's blog post about "original sin" in children.