Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sam's new tricks

While I was away Sam learned three new tricks:

1. How to shrug
2. How to point
3. How to scoot

All useful tools in hunting down his missing mother (which I'm sure is what he was aiming for). I believe had I stayed away a day or two longer he would have learned how to stick out his thumb to hitch a ride.


Beck said...

I saw your momma in the Gathering Grounds this morning, and she didn't quite seem to know how to respond to my vast knowledge of your hospital stay. Are my suspicions correct? Does your mom get freaky deaky about the interwebz like my mom does? :)

Keith Drury said...

Leave the thumb-hitch-training to me... Sam will need to known how to hitch so he can hitch out to Indiana at 14 and hitch through Europe at 16... and then do something relaly exciting (and dangerous) by 18... I'll mentor him in these things. ;-)