Friday, November 07, 2008

Hospital: Day 4 More about Wilson

They decided not to release Wilson. I was a bit relieved. Mostly because Wilson looked really sick. Really, really sick. And the fact that they were willing to release Wilson before me made me think that maybe I was really, really, really sick.

But here she is. Nice, quiet Wilson. We became quite close yesterday. It all started when one of the nurses came to her bed:

Nurse: Are you hungry, Mrs. X?

Finally I filled in the silence from across the curtain. "She doesn't speak English." Thus began my friendship with Wilson. I took it upon myself to look after my helpless little roommate. I informed orderlies about her inability to speak English. I closed her curtain when she started gesturing towards it. I turned off the hall light at 10 pm so the light wouldn't shine in her eyes. I asked "Loud Beth" to be a little bit quieter when she was out in the hallway at 11:30 pm (seriously, that's what we're supposed to call her). I even convinced the nurse to turn off my IV in the middle of the night because it kept waking us up with its strange noises. I was beginning to think we were best friends.

At 3:30 am, however, I finally understood the term "frenemy." My new friend decided that she wanted to have the lights on...all of the lights on, which I didn't think was very neighborly.

So here I am on day four with Wilson. Hoping that I'll get to be released before her...not that I'm competitive or anything.

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