Sunday, November 02, 2008

Eating my words--they taste like plastic

Before Sam was born, I remember telling my mother-in-law how much I liked wooden toys. Perhaps it wasn't that I was overly in love with wooden toys, it was more that I didn't like plastic toys.

This began to change, however, when Sam turned three months and the beautiful wooden rattle which I adored became a Grade A weapon, administering bumps and bruises on Sam's forehead.

I reluctantly pulled out some plastic toys we had received from some experienced moms. Not only did they leave Sam bruise free, but the kid could actually pick them up by himself.

While I've come around to see the benefits of plastic toys, I still had my heart set on buying Sam a wooden barn for Christmas. That is until I saw how expensive they were. After spending days scouring ebay for cheap wooden barns, it suddenly occurred to me that while I wanted a wooden barn, Sam could probably care less

So I just bought Sam a barn for Christmas. A plastic barn. A plastic barn that requires batteries. A plastic barn that requires batteries and plays obnoxious songs. And while I know he's going to love it, I still feel a bit like a sell-out. So I'm eating my words. My bpa-free, plasticky words.


Megan said...

I'm right there with you, Mandy. I swore I wouldn't have toys in my house made of plastic, requiring 2 AA betteries. But who am I to deny my daughter the joy that those toys bring her? It's like they're got market researchers doing studies on how to make toys that attract babies or something!:)

Sharon said...

What a cute picture of Sam! He looks curious, perhaps needs some wooden toys ;-)

elizabeth said...

Hey!!! Less splinters!!! Caleb received a beautiful painted wooden block set for his second birthday. After he sucked all the lead paint off of the blocks, as I am sure they were made in China, he used the pull wagon as a weapon by swinging it around by the string until he made deadly contact with the closest most breakable thing...usually Emma. Needless to say, the wooden blocks went up on the shelf and the foam stacking blocks came out.

Jamie said...

I totally know what you mean - wooden toys look so much better and they somehow seem more "real". In the end, we don't have many toys in general and take whatever we're given. We just got one of those tape recorders for kids (the one with the mic to sing in to :)). Now I just have to find batteries, tapes, and teach Evee how to use it!