Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sam Stats

Here's the latest scoop on Sam, Mom.

Sam's new favorite place to play is at the fridge with his magnets. Yeah, there's a blanket behind him because he occasionally bites it.

Sam has developed what I call a jack-o-lantern grin. He randomly gives this face throughout the day--including when he finishes his last bottle at 7 pm and is half asleep.

Sam has political preferences. I asked if he was going to vote for McCain. He gave his jack-o-lantern grin. When I asked about Obama he shook his head no. We've got a young Republican on our hands. No more Fox News for Sam.

Sam is a fan of pumpkins.


Abby Hontz said...

He looks so grown up!!! Ahh, I miss the little guy!

Gwen said...

Fun pictures! He does look so grown up... I just said the same thing on Jamie and Clint's blog about Evee.

Keith Drury said...

Hi Sam, Grandpa Drury here.. remember the guy you saw in Indianapolis when we took that long hike in the stroller... Oh, you forgot..well, then I'll just have to come and refresh your memory at Thanksgiving!

kari said...

wow he looks so big! he is so adorable.