Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Mom is Doctor Quinn

For the past week I've been routinely succombed to violent fits of coughing in what I hope is the final stage of a nasty, nasty sinus infection. John can gauge how sick I am by whether or not I'm willing to take cough syrup. I hate the stuff. I absolutely hate it. And while my mother raised me to not use the "h" word because it's a very, very strong word, strong feelings call for strong words. I'm using the word quite appropriately.

My hatred could stem back to the time I was five. I had a stubborn ear infection and my mom picked up some antibiotics for me--the label of which read, "Take 5 teaspoons 3x daily." So I did. And I cried at every dosage. Three days into this routine I took my fifth teaspoon and threw up, prompting my mom to call the pharmacy where it was revealed the label had a typo. I was to take ONE teaspoon three times a day. A total of three teaspoons a day as opposed to the fifteen I had been taking.

I hate the stuff. I try to avoid it. Which is why when my coughing kept me awake a few nights ago I tried the teaspoon of honey trick...didn't work. Out of desperation I tried one of my mom's newest remedies: slather Vicks ointment on the soles of your feet, put on thick socks and go to bed. Seriously, that's it.

It worked. It totally worked. I did it in the midst of a coughing spell and found instant relief that lasted for thirty minutes. If at any point I was awoken in the middle of the night, I pulled out the Vicks and again found instant relief. Apparently, this is especially helpful for kids. Meanwhile, John feels like he's sleeping in a jungle of menthol and eucalyptus.

(For the record, I did find that the cough suppressant Delsym tastes a little less like death than all the others. I was presenting a paper in Atlanta and after realizing the thick socks and wafting menthol were the not the look I was going for, I took the stuff. That's just some info for all of you other cough syrup haters out there.)


James Bauers said...

Shalom Amanda, You're truly a pistol Amanda! You and John must be a rip to be around! Being from South Jersey myself and having been part of Wesleyan Churche's in Gloucester City; Woodbury; Blackwood and Glassboro I would say that you all fit right in!

elizabeth said...

Love the vicks and socks trick. We use it with the kids. I was truly a "Doubting Thomas" but it really does work. Maybe I could try this with some of my patient's in the ICU! We could save the government thousands in health care dollars if we could spare a ventilator for some snazzy smelling socks! Of course we would have to charge them $1000.00 for the "special" socks and knock up the price on the vicks to $200.00 per container... but it could work! Hope you feel better soon.

Gwen said...

Good to know. I've been spared of sinus infections and colds so far this fall, but if I get a future coughing spell, I'll definitely try the vicks on the heel with a sock!

Sharon said...

That's a funny story about 15 doses of cough syrup! I keep a jar of Vicks on my bedstand to rub under my nose, tho' my mom said to put it on my chest...which seems more logical than on the feet but glad it works for you!

Catie said...

Hey girl! Glad the Vicks trick worked! I've heard that vicks on the feet thing before, husband uses Vicks constantly for every little thing (it's really a big seller in the Philippines). it can be a miracle worker!