Thursday, October 02, 2008

Apparently I have a secret life, too. Or so says Starbucks lady.

Okay, so maybe I have a secret life as a part-time model as well. A life that's SO secret I didn't even know about it myself. The following conversation took place a few days ago with the Starbucks kiosk lady from Mexico:
Her: I see your picture on the bulletin board.
Me: You did? Where?
Her: Over here. Come.
Me: Oh. That’s not me.
Her: Yes it is.
Me: Not it’s not.
Her: That girl is you.
Me: No, it’s not me.
Her: Doesn’t she look like you?
Me: Yes, but it’s not me.
Her: Do you have a shirt like that?
Me: I do, but that’s not me.
Her: I think that’s you.
Me: That’s not me. She just looks like me.
(Stranger walks by)
Her: Does this look like her?
Me: It’s not me.
Stranger: Huh. It looks like you.
Me: It’s not.
Stranger: Okay.
(Stranger walks away)

I've actually had many, many conversations along these lines since this poster is plastered all over campus.


WTM said...

I have thought that too. ;-)

Beck said...

Well, DO you have a shirt like that? That's be all the evidence I need, and I could PROVE it....

Catie said...

well if she's not you, you have a twin, Mandy! interesting...

Keith Drury said...

yep that's you.. perhaps you forgot. ;-)

Anonymous said...



David Drury said...

with "sam" in the doctor's ad and "you" in this ad I bet John is feeling left out.