Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Kid is a Spy

Yesterday Sam got a hold of John's cell phone and frantically began pushing buttons. I realized he placed a call, so I took the phone away and hit the "speaker" button just in time to hear, "...the New Jersey Homeland Security Office. Please choose from one..."

Sam called Homeland Security. He's a spy. I just know it.


The Lind Family said...

I can't believe that your own kid is turning you into Homeland Security! Doesn't he know that he needs you for clean diapers and yummy meals?!

Good luck finding the snowsuit--I have no idea but maybe look at some of the organic clothing companys, they might have something 100% cotton.

Catie said...

yikes! I'd try to look for a cotton snowsuit here in China, but yeah...not sure I'd be much help :p sorry!
hope the Drury family is well!