Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weddings, Football and Cinderella

Yesterday I officiated a wedding that occurred in the midst of a turmultous thunder storm. The storm reached its apex with a clap of thunder at the exact moment I mentioned the difficulties that emerge in genuine relationships. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride and beautiful guests at a beautiful inn. An inn which happened to be a haven for some very strange people.

If you think I'm innundated by strange people when I'm wearing streets clothes, you should see me when I'm in clerical garb. Put me in a clerical robe and slap on a collar and they'll come out in droves. There are always a few people who stop dead in their tracks and stare at me with panic in their eyes. I suppose a six-foot-tall woman in a flowing white robe in the middle of a thunder storm does give off an angel-of-death feel.

I always feel bad for people who seem to think they have to say something religious when they are around a pastor. Such was the case with poor Harry.

Harry: "You a preacher?"
Me: "Yes."
Harry: "I'm a sinner."
Me: "Then we've got a lot in common." (My feeble attempt to say something witty.)
(Long pause)
Harry: "I go to church on Christmas and Easter and pray every Friday."
Me: "What's on Friday?"
Harry: "Football. We bring out the nuns and they pray the Lord's prayer for us every Friday."
Me: "Oh. That's nice."
Harry: "Yup we pray."

On another note, during the reception I got to sit next to the bride's sister who works at Disney World. She designs and creates the costumes for various characters. At the end of the meal, this woman leaned over to me and said, "Anytime you're in Orlando look me up and I'll get you into the parks." Personally, I would have been happy with the logic behind giving Cinderella a poofy tush, but I'll take free tickets to Disney.

I was really touched by this offer and wanted to respond in kind. All I could come up with, however, was a lame, "Thanks! Well, if you ever need a can call me and...I'"

Nice. Real nice.


Gwen said...

I'd like to see a picture of you in that clerical robe!

Erik Fisher said...

"a six-foot-tall woman in a flowing white robe in the middle of a thunder storm" - That's like a picture out of a comic book! I'll let you come up with the name and origin.