Sunday, August 03, 2008

What I Have in Common With Jephthah

I try not to barter with God, but sometimes it just slips out. Like when I was in labor with Sam and told God about fifty times that he could have my smallest toe if he would just make it all go away.

"God, you can cut off my toe, just make this stop."
"Seriously, God, you can have my toe."
"Just take my toe!"

It seems crazy to think about now, but at the time it seemed like a very logical trade--a small toe for a baby.

I bartered again last night. Sam was having a rough night--I think his teeth were bothering him.. Six out of his eight teeth are emerging through his gums simultaneously. Yes, eight teeth. (Personally, I think kids should only be allowed to get a tooth for every month they have under their belt. And at seven months I think Sam is a little over quota). Anyway, I was rocking him around 3 am when a barter burst forth:

"God, if you just let Sam sleep through the night, I promise I won't do any dishes tomorrow."

Seriously. That was my offer. I don't know where it came from or how I was able to justify that as a legitimate trade, but there you have it. The late night logic of my mind.

For the record, Sam did drift back to sleep, and I'm committed to not doing dishes today, so I guess it worked.


Beck said...

That sounds like the best deal ever. You should have thrown in a pile of unwashed laundry and a housefull of unswept floors to sweeten the deal.

Hope those teeth pierce soon and the worst is over... for now!

Christy... said...

Oh yeah. I bartered with God allllllll the time. It has to do with being up all night. It makes people crazy. Literally crazy.