Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flying is so much better in business class

On our return flight from Singapore to Tokyo an announcement was made asking for three of us from Princeton to meet someone at the gate upon our arrival. Assuming someone had died we rushed off the plane and were met by an attendant who said, "I'm sorry, but your next flight is overbooked. Would you be willing to take another flight? You would arrive three hours earlier and we would give you seats in business class."

Um, okay. After twelve hours hours in business class on an international flight I've been spoiled. I can never again fly overseas among the proletariat. I've grown accustomed to padded pods that fully recline, a large selection of movies for my personal television, and multi-coursed meals. Our plane landed in Detroit and I was reluctant to leave--there were at least two other movies I had wanted to enjoy. If the airlines really wanted to secure my business class loyalty they should have installed a two-way mirror between business class and coach. That way I could look back and see the other passengers in their misery while I sipped my Shirley Temple.


Keith Drury said...

...and in business class the flight attendant will wash out your pants for you too. ;-)

Welcome home!

Kathy said...

At least it was better coming back than it was going there. I am glad no one died. ;)