Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kung Fu Sam

The other day, Sam gently grabbed my hair and pulled me within inches of his face. My heart melted a little. Then he kicked me in the head.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flying is so much better in business class

On our return flight from Singapore to Tokyo an announcement was made asking for three of us from Princeton to meet someone at the gate upon our arrival. Assuming someone had died we rushed off the plane and were met by an attendant who said, "I'm sorry, but your next flight is overbooked. Would you be willing to take another flight? You would arrive three hours earlier and we would give you seats in business class."

Um, okay. After twelve hours hours in business class on an international flight I've been spoiled. I can never again fly overseas among the proletariat. I've grown accustomed to padded pods that fully recline, a large selection of movies for my personal television, and multi-coursed meals. Our plane landed in Detroit and I was reluctant to leave--there were at least two other movies I had wanted to enjoy. If the airlines really wanted to secure my business class loyalty they should have installed a two-way mirror between business class and coach. That way I could look back and see the other passengers in their misery while I sipped my Shirley Temple.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Should I Cut Sam's Hair?

Should I cut his hair? Seriously, this kid has patches of four inch spikes. Originally I was keeping it long to make it look like he had more hair, but just today I realized that was the comb-over argument...I don't think he's fooling anyone.

A Bit of Advice

If you ever have to go off of dairy and you have a craving for chocolate, beware of items advertised as "chocolatey". They really should read, "chocolate-like". Or perhaps more accurate, "doesn't taste a thing like chocolate, but hey, it's brown".

This Little Piggy Went Home

It was 8 pm when I returned home from my eleven day trip. Sam had already been asleep for an hour. He woke up at 10:30 pm and I ducked in to see him. Normally he blearily eyed gulps some milk and goes back to sleep. That night however, as soon as his eyes focused on my face he smiled. His smile grew and grew until he broke out into a series of giggles. He continued to laugh as I teared up, grateful to be home.

I returned home to a happy husband, happy son and an immaculate house (thanks, John). Sam was bigger when I returned...a few more ounces, fuzzier hair and five, count them, FIVE teeth.

It's good to be back. More later...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Flying is So Much Better With Your Pants Off

I will never travel internationally without a change of clothes in my carry-on again. About an hour into our flight from Detroit to Japan I managed to spill an entire cup of apple juice on my pants. All over my pants. Lovely. I was hoping the attendants would upgrade me to first class. No such luck. And now that I think about it, why would they want a twenty-something with a bad case of the dropies next to the aviating elite?

So...after much laughter and many napkins, I went to the bathroom, washed my pants in the sink, and emerged in a sarong fashioned out of a blue airplane blanket. I returned to my seat in my flimsy blue blanket and realized it was time for me to pump. Needless to say I was feeling a bit vulnerable.

My pants, by the way, were draped across the emergency exit lever on the door which I can't imagine is exactly legal.

Thankfully, they were dry by the time we reached Tokyo...that says something about how long the flight was--that a pair of soaking wet pants could entirely dry in the course of a flight.

Singapore: Day 3

So I'm in Singapore. I've been away from Sam for 64 hours...I think...I'm still a bit confused with the time change.

I've been thankful for the busy schedule because it keeps me from dwelling on the baby that I'm not holding. Every time I walk by a mother and child, however, my heart skips a beat and I catch my breath (seeing triplets about made me hyperventilate). I miss his head resting on my shoulder and his forehead pressing against my neck.

But Singapore is where I am, so Singapore is where I'm trying to be.

Highlights so far:
*Listening to Kenda preach...listening to an interpreter deliver Kenda's sermon in Chinese...listening to Dr. Seow from PTS snicker and re-interpret what was said in Chinese (so "Ministry can be wacky" became, "Minister is awful". And "In over our heads" became, "Your head is split.")
*Dr. Seow share his life story as we ate coconut ice in his home country.
* Lots and lots of laughing with my colleagues. Lots of laughing.


*I managed the get the ant-infested room. In the past hour I've counted 8 ants that have crawled out of my computer...not ON to my computer, OUT of my computer. Does that warrant a trip to the Apple Store when I return to the States?
*It's hot. Really, really hot. No air-conditioning in the room. The condensation has condensation.

Anyway, tomorrow marks day one of the conference. My first session is at 3:05 pm which is 3:05 am your time...if you're awake, feel free to say a prayer or two.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm Leaving the Country by Myself

I really am. I'm going to Singapore for eleven days. I'm going to Singapore without John and without Sam. I've avoided posting on this topic up until recently out of fear of anonymous comments concerning infant attachment theories (which I've gone out of my way to avoid...if I don't acknowledge them they won't exist, right?).

I leave for Singapore on Sunday. I'm speaking at a conference for youth pastors and I'm preaching at a church. I'm really looking forward to this trip, but the closer I get the more I realize just how terribly I'm gonna miss my boys.

I've gone a bit overboard in terms of preparations for this trip: colored index cards posted on the wall all throughout the house providing instructions for babysitters, taking videos of myself singing to Sam for him to watch while I'm away (and as keepsakes in case my plane plummets into the ocean), and I have a freezer full of expressed milk. 342 ounces to be exact.

Sam is still on strike, by the way. My theory is that he's sensed my impending departure and he's gone into self-care mode ala I'm-going-to-reject-you-before-you-

I must confess, eating dairy and soy again will be a treat. And it will be kind of nice to not feed a baby at 3:30 am. But, oh! I'm gonna miss him!