Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Little Musical Genius

There comes a time in every mother's life when she has to choose between infant music classes and diapers. After receiving an e-mail that the local music courses were $33.00 a session (yes, $33.00 for each individual session--materials not included), I decided to continue contributing non-biodegradable, hazardous waste to landfills.

Not wanting my son to miss out on such an enriching experience, we had our own little music class this afternoon. And now I'm convinced he's a musical genius.

He cooed at Beethoven, he (literally) covered his ears at Mozart, and he occasionally matched me tone for tone when I played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

This kid is going places.


Beck said...

What is it about kids and pianos? I love the third picture, by the way. And I like Sam in stripes. Is he in stripes in these pics? I can't remember. But I like him in stripes.

Holly said...

What time are lessons? May we come over?

Anonymous said...

Mandy! That's great!! Keep it up!!

May I offer some suggestions? Sing the word "low" in a low tone, then sing "high," while you play corresponding notes. Jude was pretty clear on low/high early on, & lots of my beginner piano students didn't have that to start with!

We also talk about "white" and "black" to identify distinctions in keys.

When he gets older you can point out groups of 2 & 3 black keys.

We also did a lot with rhythm from the beginning. Play 3 beats, pause (sing along w/ what you're playing). Then repeat. Make up rhythmic patterns & pause to see if he'll sing along & echo what you sing. Encouraging the echoing.

Jude & I are currently working on loud/soft and fast/slow. He runs around the house at a corresponding tempo. (I was playing "Ronda Alla Turka"--Mozart--the other day & kept varying the tempo. He had a great time running/doing "dinosaur feet" while I played.)

(And he looooooves the Alleycat!! I've taught him the Hontz way. :) )

But, of course, his favorites are when I play any of the 5 Thomas the Tank Engine songs. (We have all the words memorized.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and he also likes it when I play "thunder" (low keys) and "rain" (lots of high keys). :)

Scott Hendricks said...

wonderful! :-)

Keith Drury said...

Preferrring Beethoven to Mozart tells me Sam makes wise choices in music... though I don't think he would like EITHER person Beethoven's music is clearly superior and Sam is making a wise choice.

BTW... "Copying Beethoven" is a neat movie to watch the day after watching Amadeaus... musical genius is hard to live with in either case ;-)