Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Brief Hiatus: Sam's on Strike Day 3

At 1:07 am Samuel James Drury took a brief hiatus from his strike. The poor little guy was tired and disoriented and momentarily forgot about his lofty principles.

Once fully awake, Sam must have been horrified by his weak will because the strike was resurrected...either that or his union leader got on his case...they've been in contact...I think Sam has bluetooth.


Kristin said...

Funny picture. I did the exact same thing for William's three month pic.

It's a little scary how we entertain ourselves as moms. :)

Holly said...

i must remind you how i love your blog.

so fun to meet sam. (and see you, of course)

Keith Drury said...

Maybe Sam is "fasting" to focus his soul on deeper thoughts and hidden spiritual principles. ;-)