Friday, May 09, 2008

Whole Foods: A Safe Haven for the Criminally Minded

I spent the past two weeks writing final papers--hence the blogging hiatus. I spent a good chunk of my time typing away at Whole Foods. Initially this seemed like a great place to work--I can walk there, they offer free wi-fi, and they keep a lovely jug of filtered water in their naturally lit seating area.

Sounds good, huh? Well after two weeks of typing away in this organic oasis I've come to the conclusion that Whole Foods is in fact harboring criminals.

In the course of those two weeks I heard:

**A man tell a woman he was going to issue a restraining order against her.
**A man and woman arguing over who was the bigger liar.
**a well-dressed, middle aged woman brag to her friend how she stole a dress from a fancy fashion boutique. She had all kinds of justifications on why what she did wasn't actually illegal. In fact, I was THIS close to interupting her to tell her she was only fooling herself but I was too busy writing a paper on John Dewey and the moral impulse.
**and a 20-something graduate student who was eavesdropping on other's conversations.


Kathy said...

Crazy! I guess I don't get out much-- I don't think I have heard all those stories in my lifetime!

Christin said...

Oh, dear. We have one of those in our town!

Glad to hear you made it through finals! Whohoo!

Sharon said...

it's amazing that you can get papers written and also hear interruptions like that! (can moms do this better than dads? ;-)