Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Son the Hoodlem

Don't let that innocent face fool you. He was a pistol today. Full of vim and vinegar. And I know some of these pictures are sideways, but I just don't have the energy to fix just turn your head.


Courtney Connelly said...

What a cute hoodlem! I love the one of Sam with his pacifier and striped hat, he looks like he might know he has your heart! :)

Katie said...

Amanda - I love your posts! I know nothing about babies except how to change their diapers but you appear to be sailing along! I am excited to meet little Sam, by then I bet he'll be sleeping a little more :)

Anonymous said...

That is a COOL effect! Is that just standard on the new iPhoto? I love the grayscale, limegreen contrast. AND he's just a good lookin guy. ;)


kari said...

this is a very naive non-mom comment...but what is that thing sam is sitting in? it's keeping him upright? looks ingenious...

Amanda said...

Hey Kar,

It's called a "Bumbo" and it helps babies sit up a lot earlier than they could if they were by themselves. Sam likes it because he can sit up "by himself" and see what's going on.

Either babies should come with dictionaries, or baby inventors should be a lot more straightforward when it comes to naming things. We've got bumbos, boppys, swaddlemes, bundlemes, mobius bands, hot slings, robeez, etc.


Amanda said...

Hey Dave,

I wish I could say the lime green stuff was the result of my ingenious developing skills, but it's actually just a setting on my camera.