Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Gig is Up

Okay, Sam. The gig is up.** We now know that you are not the poor little baby who has to wake up every 2-3 to get the sustenance he needs for proper nourishment. You are capable of sleeping for six hour straight without an ounce of food.

Sam slept from 8-2 and then from 2:30-7. Ah. Apparently I'm the one who can't go for long stretches of time without food. I woke up a little before Sam absolutely ravishing. Now I have to break myself of midnight snacking.

Sam slept for six hours in a row.
It's 70 degrees outside.
Can life get any better?

** The gig is up AND the jig is up. Apparently there is a difference. Both apply in this situation.

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