Sunday, April 06, 2008

Throwing me a bone

Daytime = Great
Night time = Not so great

The little guy was hollaring around 4:15 this morning. I went in to see him and there he was, lying in his crib, with a big goofy grin on his face. I picked him up to change his diaper and then began to rock him, hoping he'd get drowsy. Nope. He kept his eyes fixed on mine and smiled, smiled, smiled.

Someone told us that when you have a baby you go through a certain get to the point where you think you've exhausted all of your resources and have nothing left to give and then...BAM! The little one does something new that totally captures your heart and replenishes your energy supply. In other words, they throw you a bone.

Sam did that earlier this week when he picked up the habit of giggling. Yesterday I was changing him into outfit number 3 when both of his arms got stuck in an awkward position in the trunk of his onesie. He couldn't move. I figured he'd start wailing at the frustrating position. Nope. He laughed...and he couldn't stop laughing. There he was, wriggling furiously, laughing his head off. He did the same thing when I changed him into outfit #4. I love that laugh.

In addition to laughing, he's also discovered that he has faces other than happy and sad (as you can see from the above pic). I'm not quite sure what to call this face...

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