Monday, December 17, 2007

Samuel James Drury

Samuel James Drury arrived early this morning at 12:44 am. Precisely on his due date! John had been telling me all along, "We Drury's arrive on time." He was right.

7 pounds 2 ounces
20.5 inches
Lots of dark hair
We're all doing great

I'll write more later, but for now feel free to check out the pics that John posted on his blog.


Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

Congratulations!!! Enjoy him while he's small!!

Kari said...

yay! i love seeing the pic's! he is gorgeous. so happy for you! i can't wait to hear more about how it went!

Kathy said...

That makes 3 of 4 Drury cousins (between yours and our 3) born on their due date. I hear from my Dr. that that only happens 5% of the time. Hopefully that will make them all punctual later in life too. ;) Welcome Sam!!!

Alex, Jenn, and Evalie said...

Congrats! He is a beautiful baby boy!

Gwen said...

From the pictures on John's blog . . . Mandy, hope you're feeling as great as you look. And John looks like he's transitioning to the Dad role quite well.

Times have changed. My mom had me on the 18th and brought me home on Christmas Eve!

kerry said...

Congratulations! What more wonderful news could you have at Christmas time? Blessings to all!