Friday, November 23, 2007

Okay, so it wasn't a cold...

Welcome to yet another blog post that revolves entirely around me and my health.

Apparently I don't have a cold. I have pneumonia. Pneumonia is not fun.

I had assumed that the pain in my chest and upper back was pregnancy related...after all, everything else is due to my growing womb and surging hormones. I don't know how many times I've called my doctor about my itchy neck, shooting pain down my leg, or it-feels-like-I-tried-to-dry-swallow-a-huge-horse-pill only to be told, "Yeah, that's just the pregnancy."

However, after a prenatal massage that only seemed to make my back worse, I began to wonder if it was something else...something, perhaps, that might leave me maimed...or worse.

I was in some serious pain when I went to bed on Tuesday night and gave John these instructions: "If I don't wake up in the morning, tell the doctors that it had something to do with the left side of my chest."

I thought I had my bases covered until I asked him to repeat what he would tell the medics and he replied, "Um, your side hurts?"

"Which side?" I prompted.

"Uh, your right?"

In his defense, sometimes I walk a fine line between making jokes and making my death wishes known. And given that it was 11:30 pm and he had just flown in straight from San Diego after a good but brainy conference I think his response was understandable.

So anyway, like I said earlier, I have pneumonia. It hurts when I breath, yawn, cough, or laugh (which is much harder to stifle now that John is home entertaining me). Thankfully, I have not gotten the hiccups yet. I can't lie down without exacerbating the pain, so I've had some lovely nights trying to sleep sitting up.

I think I'm on the mend, but from what I understand, these symptoms can linger on and on. Under normal circumstances, pain when I breath wouldn't be all that bad except for the fact that in a few short weeks I will be embarking upon the lovely journey of labor and delivery where I'm told breathing is of considerable importance. Can they administer epidurals to one's lungs?

So pneumonia combined with my midwives prediction that I could deliver in as little as two or three weeks has me a wee bit apprehensive. Your prayers are welcomed.


Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

I am feeling your pain. I had a horrible cold/cough when my water broke with daughter #2. I had very strong contractions every time I coughed (it hurt my belly really badly to cough before my water broke) and I think that my labor went 3x as fast because of the cold. With daughter #1, my water broke at 36.5 weeks and took 16 hours to have her. With daughter #2, my water broke at 37.5 weeks and I went from 4 cm to 10 cm in 2 hours!! It was crazy!! I didn't want to cough because I didn't want to have another strong contraction. I will pray that you get better before the birth day arrives.
Paula (Helwig) Fannin
IWU '02

Gwen said...

I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I will definitely be praying for you in the days/weeks ahead until I hear of the safe delivery (for both mom and baby) of that precious little boy.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Paula and Gwen. I'm already feeling much better! And I was able to sleep lying down last night which was a big accomplishment. :)


kerry said...

I think from here you are just going to feel better and stronger and more ready as the days pass. That's my prayer, anyway, and I believe it. Aand this baby is going to be a very special person!

Kathy said...

I am glad you are on the mend Mandy. No fun and with John gone prior to the height of all this likely wasn't fun either. Hopefully the last few weeks are more enjoyable than the past couple. Missed you at Thanksgiving! love,kath

Amanda said...

Thanks for your prayers! I feel back to normal least, as normal as you can feel when you're 38 weeks pregnant.

Seriously, this has been a remarkably fast recovery.