Friday, October 12, 2007

I feel like a hobbit

I'm 9.5 weeks away from delivering this baby. Well, technically I'm 7.5-11.5 weeks away from the baby's expected arrival. Apparently there are two week windows before and after our Dec. 17th due date where a birth would be welcomed by our midwives. So we're talking roughly from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve (yes, that means you have about 10 weeks left to shop for Christmas...I'm adding that little reminder because I'm flipping out a bit over how close this all seems and I thought by adding in the shopping component I might at least be able to get some of you super-planners to flip out a bit with me).

It's 5:55 am and I've just finished my first mini-breakfast. This is actually a breakthrough for me.

For the past week I've woken up multiple times each night with horrible stomachaches. Only recently has it occurred to me that I might be feeling hunger pains. My stomach is now safely squashed into a small space some where around my rib cage which has meant I've had a more difficult time deciphering the gastational clues.

Anyway, every night for the past three days I've woken up around 12, 2, 4, and 6 am each time thinking, "When will it get to 7 am so I can get up and eat breakfast?"

And then around 5:30 am this morning it occurred to me that I could take a detour through the kitchen after passing through the bathroom for my first breakfast. It was a breakthrough! I'm not quite sure why that didn't occur to me earlier. I'm a bit muddled when it comes to nocternal thought processing. Hopefully labor will not strike in the middle of the night or I imagine I'll be popping Tums and rearranging pillows until that magically, sense-inducing 7 am alarm clock rings.

Okay, back to bed with me for one final hour of sleep.


David Drury said...


Dear Amanda Proudfeet:

I hope you enjoy elevensies with a brace of conies today too.


Gwen Jackson said...

Ah, the beginning of motherhood.

Jenn Mandura said...

I don't know if you remember me, but we went to college together. I married Alex Mandura. I noticed that you are seeing midwives and I was wondering if you are planning a natural childbirth. Alex and I just had a baby girl 7 weeks ago. I was planning a natural water birth, but ended up having an emergency C-section. Anyway, I love talking about natural childbirth, if that is your plan. You can read my birth story at But please don't let it scare you!