Sunday, September 02, 2007

While I've enjoyed various milestones throughout this pregnancy, I've been particularly eager to hit the "stranger" milestone. I've been waiting for weeks for a stranger to approach and ask me when I'm due. At 6 months and 4 days I hit that milestone. It was not, however, exactly what I expected.

The following conversation took place while waiting in a checkout line at Staples:

Stranger: Hey, when are you due?
Me: Dec. 17th.
Stranger: Is it a boy or a girl?
Me: It's a boy.
Stranger: Yeah, I always preferred having a boy first.
Me: Oh, actually, I didn't really mind.
Stranger: Well, I guess it doesn't matter so much nowadays. Back in ancient times people greatly prefferred Man**.
Me: Oh.
Stranger: It was Man who did all of the strategic battle planning and fighting in wars.
Me: Oh.
Stranger: So people really wanted Man since it was Man who fought in the battles.
Me: Oh.
Stranger: And back in ancient Israel the Man would wait outside while the woman was in labor and the Man would run inside when he heard a baby cry. If it was Man he was happy, but if it was a girl he was dissapointed.
Me: Oh. (Long pause) I think that checkout line is shorter. Uh. bye.

**As you can see, I've capitalized "man" in this post. After relaying this story to John he was pretty convinced the stranger was speaking about men in an upper-case kind of way.


Kathy said...

Oh my this is funny...maybe not at the time for you it wasn't. I love your last line. Funny too how some strangers will say things so early then some will NEVER say a word even if you are due the next week because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing. My stories happened 5 days after birth and another time 6 weeks after birth with the person asking "when are you due?" (BTW-- both were men who said it ;)

WTM said...

Hearing this story was better than reading it, but funny nonetheless!

Blake said...

Wow, not the fun, telling about your new baby that you had probably anticipated when the first stranger commented on your pregnancy. But, you sure did have me laughing as I was imagining the changing expressions on your face as this conversation occured!!! :)

There are strange people in this world...

Kari said...

hahahaha. wow. so you look pregnant now?? i hope you post a picture soon!

Tony Myles said...

Were you speaking with Tarzan or Jane?