Friday, May 25, 2007

The time when our apartment did not blow up

This is a story from 2003. It's a story about the time when our apartment did not blow up.

John and I had subletted our apartment for a summer and when we returned home we noticed it smelled...different. It was not necessarily a bad smell, it just wasn't our smell. It didn't smell like us. So I immediately set to work lighting candles, opening windows, and waving doors open and shut to try to regain the Drury scent (whatever that might be).

As I paused to sniff the air yet again, I realized there was something familiar to the smell. Something was burning.

I did a quick glance around the apartment to make sure there were not any open flames. While I did not see any open flames, I noticed that the smell seemed to be considerably stronger in the kitchen. I knelt beside an outlet, took a whiff, and jumped back by the strong burning smell I had taken in. I quickly walked over to another outlet nearby, took a sniff, and encountered the same burning smell. I went from outlet to outlet in our 400 square foot apartment, each time finding a strong burning smell.

I hurried into the bathroom, smelled the outlet, and reached to grab John a towel (he was in the shower...he didn't know our apartment was about to blow up). As I opened my mouth to tell him we had to leave I caught a look at my reflection in the mirror...I was missing a rather large chunk of my hair.

Apparently, while lighting candles I managed to light my head on fire. And every time I knelt down to smell an outlet the singed endings of my hair were coming into my line of smell.

That's my story.


pk said...

2003? 400 sq ft apartment? Was that in Grand Haven, MI by any chance?

Either way, wonderful story!!!

Amanda said...

It was in New Jersey, but it was the same summer that you're referring to...the day we returned from Grand Haven. :)

Amanda said...

Believe it or not, the Grand Haven apartment was bigger than the Jersey apartment.

JohnLDrury said...

but GH was darker

and yes, this happened the summer after we came home from GH

WTM said...

Wow. That's a funny story!

kerry said...

Funny story; thanks for sharing it. Just catching up on your blog. I saved the Barth quote on unbelief and your childhood story made it more powerful. Great!

Keith Drury said...

HA! Great illustration! Some folk are always bending over smelling the church... what they smell in the church is sometimes themselves ;-)ROTFLMHO!