Monday, March 19, 2007

Theological Balderdash Part 2

Submitted definitions by teenagers:

1. To take a cow pie in your sister's face.
2. The breaking and/or effacing of tinker toys.
3. Any harm done to Tinkerbell.
4. Still living, not extinct.
5. To shoot or eat the poop of a cow with a funny look on your face. (Courtesy of middle school boys if you couldn't tell.)

1. The study of your mom.
2. The philosophy of complete hatred towards gnomes of all types.
3. The cure for those who shoot and/or eat the poop of a cow with a funny look on their face (once again, thanks to the middle school boys).

1. It's what happens when Batman loses his garage door opener for the bat cage
2. A study of the reproductive process of flowers.
3. The study of the Episcopalian faith.
4. The study of those who are said "P-Oed."

1. The study of superheroes eating and/or slurping soup while on the job.
2. A disease where one finds himself believing he is Superman.
3. When you love Superman's tights.

1. The ability to harm someone.
2. The idea of using a hammer in every situation.
3. The study of Halmark.
4. The study of those who are obsessed with stealing ham from Genuardi's.

1. The ability to pick your nose at the speed of light.
2. When a symphony plays theological show tunes ("525,600 Bibles").
3. When you know that Steve did something on purpose.