Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ecclesial Bloopers

Blooper #1:

In a move reminiscent of the old game "telephone," a recent press release from our church underwent a series of unflattering, unintended changes. Below is the original ad followed by the subsequent changes that emerged in the editing process.

"DivorceCare for Kids at Doylestown United Methodist Church."
"Divorceare for Kids at Doylestown United Methodist Church."
"Divorce are for Kids at Doylestown United Methodist Church."

It was finally published in the Intelligencer in all of it's glory reading...

"Divorce is for Kids at Doylestown United Methodist Church."

Yeah, that's not so good.

Blooper #2:

Apparently there are some preschool teachers at our church who do not enunciate as well as they should. There are approximately 40 preschoolers running around our church who refer to me as "Master Amanda." I kinda like it.


Jess said...

You should get a copy of the blooper and send it into Jay Leno's Headlines :).

Keith Drury said...

LOL... I'll share this one with my "introduction to Master-al ministry" class ;-)

Beth said...

Heard your mom speak last weekend at a mentor retreat at IWU and played Bunco with Holly last night. Crazy world. Hope you're doing well.
Beth (Lahni) Boswell

Christin said...

Mandy, don't lie. The title plate on your desk reads, "Master Amanda." Doesn't it?:-p
I have a hard time knowing what to have my college students call me, since I'm not technically a professor, and I don't like being called "Mrs." since it's too much like high school. I told them the other day that since I've gotten my Maters degree they could call me "Master Taylor." ;-)

Tony Myles said...

Were you a Padawan learner, first?

(and all the Star Wars fans chuckle while the non-geeks scratch their head)