Sunday, December 17, 2006

My 911 Power Trip

I went from 25 years of never dialing those three important numbers, to calling 9-1-1 twice in one week.

This was originally prompted by my decision to "not pass the buck" on the road. After seeing a large box in the middle a busy intersection, my initial reaction of, "Oh, that's dangerous, someone should do something about that," gave way to, "Oh, that's dangerous, I should call 9-1-1 and tell them."

So I did. I remained calm on the line and gave them the name of the intersection. And I must confess, I got a little bit of a power trip to see police cruisers racing towards the intersection. I watched the cruisers with their sirens blazing and thought, "Yeah, I did that."

A few days later I got another opportunity to call my operating friend at 9-1-1 and report that the stop lights at a Philly intersection were out and that cars were just barely missing each other. While I didn't get to stick around for the action, I was somewhat excited to get passed on the highway by a police cruiser heading towards the dangerous intersection. Again the smug thought, "Yeah, I did that."

The next time you feel the urge for a power trip, rather than taking it out on your spouse/child/coworkers/pet/etc. just take a drive and see what you can find.


Christin said...

Last time I had to call authorities about an emergency, I was so overwhelmed, I cried on the phone! lol Yep, that was my heady moment of power! :-)

Scott David Hendricks said...

What a good suggestion! Kind of a proactive or preemptive good Samaritan, eh?