Thursday, November 23, 2006

My New Favorite Airport Game

My flights normally get canceled. I consider a delay a blessing. In light of this, I've developed a delightful little game that works especially well in the airport. I call it "Spot the Youth Pastor." I'm good. I'm really good. I'm 3/3 so far.

Three flights ago there was a man sitting a row ahead of me. I had been watching him. Blond tipped hair. Black rimmed glasses. Video ipod. So I leaned over and said, "Excuse me, Sir, are you a youth pastor?"

He blinked and said, "Uh, yeah. How did you know?"

"Your Chuck Taylors."


It's a fun game. John plays it now, too. If you want to join in on the fun, here are a few things to look for:

Blond tipped hair
Black rimmed glasses
Chuck Taylors OR nondescript brown leather shoes
Jeans with the front part of the shirt tucked in and the sides and back hanging out
Brown leather belt that you can only see from the front
Double layered t-shirt with a button down shirt on top of it all

In other words, youth pastors look like they are from California.

What am I missing?


Aaron said...

oh oh I've got one ... the popped collar .... or if they are really daring two shirts both both with collars, both popped.

brookssayer said...

Keep an eye open for the T-Shirt with a large nonsensical phrase (from a themed summer camp.)

Josh said...

I think you're playing "spot the cool guy" because I know a few of these "people" and they don't even like kids.

I've decided that when I see these people now, I'm gonna say, "excuse me, are you a really cool person?"

[As a side note, what do women youth Pastors look like?]

David Drury said...


apologies to all my youth pastor friends for laughing at this one...

The best tip off of a youth pastor for me is:
- A large rucksack (never a laptop bag) containing:
...1 Old PC laptop they wish was an iMac
...Multiple stickers on the laptop itself
...1 Copy of Relevant Magazine
...1 Copy of The Message ReMix with youth night sermon notes pasted inside
...Notes on the "Three Chairs" message (in case of emergency altar call needed)
...1 Copy of a Silver Ring Thing brochure (in case of emergency need for virginity speech)
...2 Rob Bell Nooma Videos (in case of emergency small group facilitation needed)
...1 Spare Trucker-style Ballcap

Robin said...

Love the game, and I look forward to playing it the next time I'm at the airport. I may even GO to the airport just to play. Here are a few from the Jewett household:

-- Inappropriate wearing of sandals/flip-flops. Like with a suit at a wedding.

-- Heavy use of teen catch-phrases

-- Unexpected channeling of Tommy Boy and Napoleon Dynamite

Here's another game you might enjoy, though it's a little more difficult than it used to be. Play "Name that Denomination" with the Sunday lunch crowd. My parents and I used to play this when I was in junior high. The tip-offs back then:

Big hair: Assembly of God
Long dress, tight bun: Nazarene
Furs and expensive jewelry: Episcopalian.
We knew them: Wesleyan (It's a small Wesleyan World, after all.)

Amanda said...

John: I still can't figure out what women youth pastors look like. I looked for trends at this past years National Youth Workers Convention but was at a loss. Sorry. I got nothin'.

rebekah said...

hey mandy, ...just thinking about you and wanted to say hi.
much love, beks

Tony Myles said...

Anyone who rushes the stage at a David Crowder concert.

Anonymous said...

Way to stereotype