Sunday, August 27, 2006

This must be how Paris Hilton feels

Friday night found me squashed between two people on a flight from Indy to Philly.

I don't really know how to set the stage for the encounter that took place on this plane, so I'll just tell it to you bluntly...The woman next to me read my journal. She read my journal. I was processing some events in my life and was reflecting on a certain experience when she interrupted me to ask a question about the sentence I was in the middle of writing. She read my journal. She unapologetically read my journal.

What would you have done if you were in my situation?

A) Politely answer her question, finish the sentence, and close the journal.
B) Briskly tell her it's none of her business.
C) Answer her question and rummage through her purse when she's in the bathroom.
D) Nothing. You deserved her nosiness. You shouldn't be writing in a private journal in a public area.

Do you have an option E to offer? I took the very bold and courageous option A.


coach d said...

E. Noticing she is reading over your shoulder you begin journaling with lurid details your personal testimony of deliverance from a sinful life and she is so wrapt by the story that she asks you to help her become a Christian... then she goes on the speaking curcuit telling this story everywhere at Christian conventions while promoting her new book "Journaling Evangelism" ???

(yours were so good I couldn't do much better!)

Christin said...

C. I can't believe she asked you a question about what you were writing! How brazen! Did she try and talk to you the rest of the flight?

Josh said...

Ha Ha. LOL.

I really like the idea of C. But I can't help thinking about D. Didn't you read the fine print under the barf bag: Full flight 110 minute plane rides are strictly for reading.

David Drury said...

My option "E" was similar to Yoda's...

E. Answer her politely, then begin to journal strange things like, "I wonder if my seat/flotation device is edible." and "I really hope someone pukes in this barf bag. I just love the smell of vomit" and even: "I just hope no one on this plane realizes that I'm a moviestar."

a'la Paris.


Kathy Drury said...

I am with you on A...I would hate being in that situation at all and responding to it is even worse but I think I would have done the same as you but I am sure you did it with alot of grace! :)

Rockey said...

You should said, "don't take this the wrong way, but this is my journal and I would prefer you not to read it, thanks." What's wrong with telling the truth, honestly?

Tony Myles said...

F. Fly first class next time.

Larry said...

My son, bless his heart, was outraged to find that certain people had read his myspace.

It's on the internet! yet he expects everyone to respect some cyber-boundary.

I think I'm with the old lady on this one. Given the reduced "personal space" on airplanes these days, I don't see a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Just be glad she wasn't reading the labels on your clothes :-)

Amanda said...


I recently went on a student's xanga...her post was:

"I'm closing this site because SOME PEOPLE don't like to respect other people's privacy!!!"

In other words, her mom saw it.


Steph said...

How about E: Kick her in the face, and tell her you love her but had to punish her for her actions.

Jeffery said...

E. continue writing about the nosy woman next to you and how you would like to teach her some manners

F. strike up a conversation with her, get to the point when you get her phone number and then put it up on every bathroom wall you can get to

G. let out a stinky fart and then loudly proclaim her as the evil-doer