Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Dad has a Blog

After 30 years at Central Wesleyan Church, my father is taking a long overdue 6 month Sabattical. He's recording his findings and experience in a blog of his own. Those of you who know my father know this is quite a feat--this is the man who prints out e-mails and snail mails them to my mailbox.

My parents and younger siblings are leaving tonight for Europe (why couldn't he have done this when I was in high school?). Check it out for highlights from his travels as well as marital insights that he and my mom have come to learn (the first part of the Sabbatical was of a "marital check-up" nature).

Feel free to look over his itinerary and suggest hotels/cafes/etc. If nothing else, check out his blog and scroll down to the initial post where you can see a rather humorous video.


coach d said...

Smoley hoke! Once that guy gets started he goes in the deep end fast!

Tony Myles said...

Thanks for the tip!

Lisa said...

I think every minister (especially one of thirty years) should take such a trip! I have a profile now because a class I'm taking is having us have a blog as part of it.

Nate said...


I am glad your Dad is doing this he deserves this time. Hope it goes well for him.