Monday, July 17, 2006

A Longer Lasting Baptism

Last month my senior pastor was talking with a young child about the significance of her upcoming baptism. He was trying to explain to her the importance of this powerful act and how this water will effect her whole life and serve as a reminder of her new life in Christ.

Her response?

"Why don't you use paint? It will last longer."


Hugh Anglin said...

I laughed when I read this, both for the obvious reason and because I just finished a 3 day high school retreat where I gave a talk on sacraments, particularly baptism. I like to take white cloth and "baptize" it in grape juice. Then I let them touch it, see it and smell it (it smells great!). Nobody can ever tell me whether it was sprinkled, poured or immersed. And, it makes no difference - the thing that is important is that the cloth is changed after being "identified" with the grape juice. So, maybe paint isn't a bad idea! (and it can be rolled, brushed, sprayed and textured). That child was right...we need longer lasting baptisms!

I suppose you must be related to Keith Drury -- I really love that guy, though I've never met him, I am all the time reading his postings on the web!

Adam Lipscomb said...

That is a great comment! I've thought about wanting to be "wet" longer and wanting to "splash" the world with my wetness.

Because of the splashing effect, I think other people's baptism are a means of grace to the rest of us as well as to the person being dunked.

I love other people's baptisms. They are sometimes as meaningful for me as my own.

Dave Ward said...

Funny. Wish I had this last week when we had a huge camp baptism service.

Okay, seminarian. Give me your thoughts. Can baptism be performed as a baptism of repentance a la John and Jesus' ministry or should they ONLY happen at conversion???? Curious what you think when you get back.