Monday, February 20, 2006

Who are you in bed with?

You may have heard talk in years past of the proposed gambling acts in Alabama. In an effort to stop these proposals from being passed, Ralph Reed (involved with the Christian Coalition and current candidate for Lt. Governor of Georgia) enlisted the help of James Dobson to record radio ads against a particular Alabama gambling proposal. Reed has been adamantly opposed to gambling, calling it “a cancer on the American body politic.”

So far so good, right?

What Ralph Reed did not tell James Dobson, however, was that he was being funded by the Choctaw tribe who owns two casinos in Mississippi. This tribe has been actively opposing gaming in Alabama out of fear of having to compete with new casinos. Reed’s connection with the Choctaw tribe came through Jack Abramoff, a Washington Lobbyist.

(By the way, Reed is currently finding himself in hot water; Reed has been denying knowledge of the Choctaw’s involvement. A U.S. Senate committee recently released a swarm of e-mails showing the opposite—that in fact, Reed has known who his backers were since 1999. This doesn’t look good for a candidate of the Lt. Gov. who has been defining his campaign by referring to his personal values.)

It has been established that Focus on the Family had absolutely no knowledge of the tribal connection. Dobson has publicly stated that he would not have lent his name to the effort had he known the source of the funding.

I fear there are many Christians (myself included) who are so quick to jump on the bandwagon against immorality that we are not stopping to see with whom we are hopping into bed. And in the process we compromise our integrity. I’m feeling a little used, but I have no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, Ralph Reed certainly seems to have the “shrewd as serpents” part down.


Keith.Drury said...

Hmmmmmmm... you gave me an idea for a column of my own... now, if only I can get up the nerve to write it...

Tony Myles said...

Kind of like how we buy books from Family Christian Stores that are stocked by Zondervan, but not from the conglomerates that own them. Or how Narnia that is owned by Disney is being overly promoted in bookstores that are heavily stocked with resources against Disney's "gay agenda."

For every Purpose Driven book being sold, Madison Avenue finds a new reason to smile.