Friday, February 10, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm a little tired this week. I don't feel like putting out the energy to write a thoughtful post. Instead, I'm going to tell you about some of my favorite things.

Things I like:

Magic Eraser--This is my current all-time favorite thing. I have my sister Abby to thank for this one. I have absolutely no idea how they work...I really think they are magic. I don't care what kind of stain you have on your wall/hard floor/counter/etc. this little eraser will take care of it. I recently removed red permanent marker off my countertop. If that's not impressive I don't know what is.

Susan Howatch's Novels--I am particularly addicted to the Glittering Images series. I finished this 7 book series last spring and liked it so much that I've begun again. This series could be described as Karl Barth meets Danielle Steel (Rob Bell refers to her books in Velvet Elvis). Just read the first 20 pages. If you are not instantly hooked, just put the book down and walk hard feelings. Plus you can get it on Amazon for a penny. A stinkin' penny.

Disposable Make-up Remover Wipes--I always hated getting ready for bed...taking out contacts, washing my face, brushing my teeth--it all drove me crazy--especially since John could simply hop into bed. Disposable Make-Up Remover Wipes cost a bit more than regular soap, but I'm willing to buy this extra little slice of happiness.

Settlers of Catan--The best game ever. I love it. We don't own it and are at the mercy of the Edwards or the Hinlicky-Wilsons to invite us over to play. (Hint, hint, this would be a massively appreciated Christmas gift).

Yoohoo--It's not chocolate milk. It's a chocolate drink.

Old English movies that come in long series: BBC's Pride and Prejudice, Middlemarch, The Forsgyte Saga...I love 'em.

Staple guns--They can fix anything and are oh so easy to use. I just reupholstered a chair.

PIM's cookies--I like the chocolate and raspberry kind. I feel European when I eat them.

Saline Spray--Just as Sam was flabbergasted that he didn't know about the "Search Inside This Book" offer at Amazon, I too am flabbergasted that I could have lived through a quarter of a century without anyone ever telling me how useful Saline Spray could be. Like wise, a cool mist humidifier.

"Alias"--I don't know where I've been the past five years, but I've only recently caught on. I've Netflixed the first 4 seasons and am just waiting for season 5 to come out (do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell me ANYTHING about season 5...don't even joke about it...If I even see the words "Sydney," "Alias," or "Michael" on your comment I will immediately close my eyes and ask one of my students to delete it.) I'm not even linking this paragraph to the Alias website for fear of spoilers.

Starbuck's Rice Crispy Treats
--at $1.65 they are one of the cheapest items Starbucks offers. Plus they're tasty and quite filling. I now eat them with a knife and fork--mostly because my jaw hurts if I try to put the whole thing in my mouth.

Chloraseptic Dissolvable Strips--Istead of using that disgusting spray to numb my sore throats, now I can simply let a disgusting strip dissolve in my mouth...the strips allow for better control of placement.

Clarke Shoes--They are really comfortable and last a long time...I've been wearing the same pair for the past seven years. Although I have to do quite a bit of hunting around until I can find an un-grandma-ish pair.

Gap Tall--Gap just introduced a new line of tall clothing. (Here again the imagination could be sparked for much appreciated Christmas gifts...if you're wondering what size I am, scroll down to my July postings and you can read about the time I led my first parent's meeing at church with the tag to my new pants still attached...not one of my favorite things).

Houlihan's 'Shrooms

My brother's Xanga--
what can I say? He's a funny guy. I read his post when I want to smile. If you check it out soon, you may be able to weigh in on the discussion of whether he should go by "Paul" or "Paul Matthew." I made some alternative nickname suggestions.

Pilot G-2 Gel Ink Pens--
My secretary caught me swiping one from her desk so she gave me two whole boxes. I've learned a good lesson--if I like something, take it.

So there you have it. Things I like. Thanks for reading this titilating post. You don't have to leave a comment. There's really not much to say. Unless, of course, you'd like to share something that you are fond of. I'm always looking for things to add to my list of favorites.


Tony Myles said...

Settlers of Catan is pretty sweet... only because I won the first time I played, though.

Then again - anything that resembles my geeky days of playing all-night RPGs with my buddies makes my inner dork smile.

Andrea said...

nutella. that's my recent kick. it's good with everything. try it with a banana... mmmmmmmmm.

Kari said...

This week I'm going to buy (1) a magic eraser and (2) makeup remover pads. This month I'm going to (3) pick up the book series you mentioned. This year I'm going to buy (4) a staple gun. Seriously. I mean it. I'm sold.

Who knows, this post may change my life in a bunch of little ways.

AND I freakin' love the BBC Pride and Prej. I have to get Middlemarch. I'm sure it's a gold mine.

rebekah said...


mandy, no kidding, if you remember, i have a little thing some call obsession with pride and prejudice -- i got the bbc dvds for my birthday -- have loved them for a long time.... in fact, did we watch them together in college????

rebekah said...

oh, i am a magic eraser fan too.
i am convinced that $2.50 saved the deposit on my last apartment.

Anonymous said...

I switched from the expensive brand-name makeup remover cloths to the Wal-Mart brand and like them more (dollars cheaper too).

Amanda said...


I should have mentioned that the ultimate combination is the staple gun AND a hot glue gun. The hot glue gun helps you cheat to get those hard to reach places.

And I have YOU to thank for the Middlemarch tip off (you may also want to try renting "Persuasion"...after "The Forsyth Saga", of course.


Amanda said...


My sister Abby has wanted to be the spokesperson for Magic Eraser for months...

Actually, I got hooked on the BBC "P and P" last year. John managed to get roped in as well. We now think of Jennifer Ehle as a close friend.

You did, however, introduce me to "Legends of the Fall."



rebekah said...

ahhh, mandy, the days of legends of the fall... actually, the paragraph (or four-hour conversation) summed up in the smiley face :) at the end of your comment... well, you know.. that alone made me smile... cause it said what words cannot.

oh, and don't you worry, jennifer and i are friends too. i have to say, i didn't like persuasion, but i recently watched sense and sensibility (not sure why i hadn't seen it before), and i thought it was wonderful.

millinerd said...

"Karl Barth meets Danielle Steele" - what a great description of Howatch! Keep spreading the word.

Ryan Schmitz said...

I have to thank the Hontz clan for adding something to my favorites:

Honey on Grilled Cheese

Holly taught this to us in college and I have been spreading the word ever since.

Tony Myles said...

Somethin' not right about that.

Amanda said...

Ah yes, might I add that it was the Milliners who alerted me to the wonderful world of Howatch...seriously, go read 'em all!

Keith.Drury said...

I;m with you for 7 of to try the Disposable Make-up Remover Wipes...

Tim said...

Mandy, the G-2 is so...2001.
The G-6 is the way to go; more stylish, bigger grip, and the same hot-knife-through-kitchen-table-
butter-like writing.