Sunday, December 04, 2005

My New Best Friend Part 2

Okay, okay, okay. I finally grew some guts and took your advice.

After an afternoon of baking, I packaged up some "Ma Magee" cookies and trudged over to my new best friend's house and knocked on the door.

"Oh, can I help you?" asked my best friend when she opened the door. (I gave a sigh of relief that she hadn't recognized me from my earlier reconnaissance work).

I explained to her that I was new to the area and was trying to get to know some of my new neighbors (okay, so I'm not technically a CLOSE neighbor of hers, but didn't Jesus pose the question, "Who is my neighbor?"?)

After stating my reason for knocking on her door, she let me in!! I have now been inside my new best friend's house!

We chatted for a bit before I went in for the kill. "So, um. Maybe sometime we could kinda get coffee together..."

She agreed and gave me her number!!

And that's all I can share with you. After all, best friends have to protect each other's privacy.

This was the closest I've ever come to asking someone out on a blind date. And now I'm left agonizing over the question, "How long do I have to wait before I call her?"


Kari said...

"And that's all I can share with you. After all, best friends have to protect each other's privacy."

That made me laugh so loud and hard - and i'm home alone right now!

I hope your coffee dates meets all your dreams and more! =)

Josh said...

And God enlarged your territory...

what the?


Amy said...

way to be brave :) what are "Ma Magee" cookies??

Tony Myles said...

Just don't give her your blog addy yes, because, well... could get creepy on her end.

David Drury said...

Agreed -- let's all hope she doesn't google "Amanda Drury" and find your blog. Creepy indeed.

Good luck on your second date.

Gwen said...

Way to go, Mandy.

Oohhh, scary thought. . . if she discovers the blog. Never thought of that.

Call her quick!

Christin said...

I want to meet your new bestfriend! She'll be so delighted to find out one day (way down the road when you've been bestfriends for several years) that you liked her before you even met her.;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you finally worked up the courage to follow some friendly advise. I would skip the stalking part the next time you want to make a new friend though. :)

Aaron said...

Give her a personality test. And if she looks at the ink blots and says they look like, say a cougar and not a beaver, then I'm not sure you too are going to work out.