Friday, November 18, 2005

My New Best Friend

I've lived in Doylestown for 4 months and 17 days and I've already found my new best friend.

I first saw her back in July. She lives in my favorite house in our neighborhood. The house says, "I'm big enough for a guest room to house old college friends, but too small to be in the kids-run-my-house realm". She's very good at gardening--nothing cutesy, just nice landscaping. She drives a teal Honda (her husband drives a Nissan) which she leaves out at night on her gravel driveway. She has a two-year-old daughter (but I'll forgive her for that). She's very attentive with her kid--they've got one of those little toddler swing sets in the backyard which they make good use out of.

Overall, she's very sweet and kind. Perfect B.F.F. material. I don't really know what her name is yet...we haven't exactly met, but I'm sure we will soon. I just need to watch her house a bit more to see if I can figure out her schedule and "accidentally" bump into her on her morning stroll or something. She's just the sort of person that would take a morning stroll.

John calls what I'm doing stalking. I call it homework. I researched churches before sending resumes, why not do the same with friendships? I think she's gonna like me.


pk said...

I think you're on to can't go far wrong with Honda drivers ;-)

Gwen said...

The 2 year old can actually be a great connecting point. See this little toddler as a blessing in disguise as you dream of your new best friend. You'll probably "bump" into both of them someday.

Nate said...


I don't think your weird, I do some research on friendship too. One of my main things is finding out first if they like sports, and then it seems like things fall into place. And about researching a church, I could agree with you more. YOu have to do a lot of work to find out if the church you are applying for is everything they say they are. And you have to research and discover if that church is for you and if you fit into the way they do ministry. GOd reminder and good way of writing this.


Tony Myles said...

Until you know if she is a hard shell or soft shell Taco Bell girl, keep your distance.

Kari said... this why you knew so much about me before we ever even hung out??? =)

rebekah said...

mandy mandy mandy -- or should i call you shackelton and admit that this is your little sled dog or should i call you lapity and jumpstart your memory by quoting latiply quarkle dorkin parshley or ... i could go on.

okay, maybe it IS time to grow up and be friends with someone who drives a honda (what the crap is a saturn?) and has a husband and a two-yr-old. that's cool. really. its cool. i am okay. i am happy for you. stalk-away.

:) love ya.
miss ya. told a story about you yesterday.

Lani said...

I saw this and thought of this column and you. Something to add to your research.

Amanda said...

Interesting comments. I'm rather shocked by the majority of encouragement I'm getting.

Don't tell John, but I was beginning to think he was right...I guess not.

Oooh!! Gotta run. I just heard the mailman...let's see what goodies she's getting today.

Summers said...

Interesting...I think I have seen a movie or two that relates to this post.
However, I have to ask, did you do the same thing with John before you agreed to date him? :)


Nathan Hart said...

i'll be the one to offer discouragement on this :)

i live in Brooklyn. if one of my neighbors started acting in this way (like you have been with your neighbor), it is likely that i would ask him to stop.

and then i'd invite him over for dinner, or call the police, depending on his disposition.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Single White Female meets Cable Guy lol...not to be too blunt, but just go up and talk to her already! And don't start wearing the same hairstyle and clothes as her PLEASE!!

Amanda said...

Kari: No stalking with our friendship...although I do think I invited you to Greece before I knew your name.

Lani: Thanks for the link...very helpful. :)

Summers: Nope. I didn't stalk John. However, I did save every single little thing that had anything to do with him from the time I was 17. Does that count?

Nate: You're on to something...John always says that the only difference between a stalker and a dream date is how the recipient feels. The same five dozens roses could be recieved with either elation or disgust. Happy belated wedding, by the way...

Bek: You always were better at spelling...

Amanda said...


You said: "just go up and talk to her already!"

I say: How??? Do I just go up to her door and say, "Hey there. I think we should be friends!"

David Drury said...

Dear Stalker,

Here are my 5 tips for creating a chance meeting with object of your stalking obsession:

1) Dress up in a orange traffic vest and pick up garbage out in front of her house on a Saturday. When she comes outside and sees you helping out and thanks you for cleaning up, strike up a conversation about her home or her outfit or whatver. Tip: do not mention that you are doing community service for a previous stalking conviction.

2) Hang out more frequently at the places she hangs out at (Starbucks, Grocery store, etc -- you no doubt have a mental lists of these places already formulated). Be sure to be reading the same kind of book she would be reading (you may have a friend at the library who could check into what books she is interested in).

3) Go door to door evangelizing in her neighborhood. When she opens the door tell her that she's going to hell if she doesn't become a Baptist and pray the sinner's prayer. Then, if by chance she IS a Baptist you'll have made a friend for life! You can break the news to her later that you're a Princton Seminary Grad who is a Female Pastor at a United Methodist church and normally would never go door-to-door spreading the good news of condenmation.

4)Stop by her place of work and buy something/ask a question in a business related way.

5) If all else fails, "accidentally" run over her mailbox with your car, then knock on her door and offer to come back on Saturday and replace it. When you do, be sure to put nice landscaping around it and do an all around amazing job-make it cute... and then she'll come out with hot chocolate and talk to you and then you've made a friend and now have a unique "how we met" story for later (which is even better).

I personally have not practiced any of these sure-fire methods. But then again, I'm not a stalker. I would likely make a very good one, however, as you can see by my resourcefulness.

Anonymous said...

All very creative ideas...but simple and sweet is always best imo. take over some dish you may love to make or some brownies (no one can resist free home-made brownies) and ring her door bell and introduce yourself. Works like a charm, very simple, and shows you are a caring person (or at least it shows that you like bring people brownies) but seriously though, I think the simple and sweet is the way to go. Good luck :)

Tim said...

This is definitely the longest comment line that I have read at 12:50am.

But seriously, Mandy, I have to side with John on this one...Scary!

If you think this female shoud be your friend, simply make her your friend...will it to be so.

Ok, that made me sound like an alien. Maybe go with the brownies?

Miss you guys.

kari said...

I'm with the brownie suggestion. Just go "balls to the wall" and go over and say, "hi, i'm new to the neighborhood and i just wanted to get to know my neighbors a little so I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself!"

why not??? what do you have to lose??? plus, she'll LOVE you. and people do that kind of stuff all the time. balls to the wall baby.

rebekah said...

hey mandy -- i am a tad confused on the spelling comment??? should i get that?

by the way, there is a dead mouse in my kitchen. i thought i'd tell you, just in case you wanted to know. or in case you wanted to come over [cause we live so close] and brave it for me and throw it out. i am kinda scared -- even though it is dead.

Amanda said...

Okay, okay, I'm slowly gaining the courage to knock on her door. Thanks for the nudging.

I will let you know what happens should I grow enough nerve.

With the weather getting colder, I haven't seen them outside lately.


Beth said...

I think this is the funniest post that I have read in a long time, maybe ever! I think you should send her a Christmas card and put your blog address in it.