Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Eatting Crow

Throughout seminary I scoffed at "those-lazy-youth-pastors-who-used-published- curriculum-instead-of-writing-their-own." I guess I was kinda like the nursing mom who looks down on the mom who uses formula...kinda.

I now recant that scoffing. I can officially be counted among the lazy. I've sold my soul to Group Publications. Don't worry, I don't use curriculum straight from the book; I do the appropriate tweeking for my students. But I can't write three sermons a week...not even three sermonettes. Nope.

So consider this an open apology to any youth pastor I may have offended over the years. Sorry.

I'll post again soon...I'm currently preparing for the Youth Specialties Conference in Pittsburgh. Ah! Curriculum heaven.


JohnLDrury said...

three cheers for curriculum!

andreasummers said...

Use moderation at that NYWC!!! They'll give you just enough free curriculum to get you hooked and next thing you know you're going through a 12 step program!

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I used to bust on a friend of mine telling him he only worked friday nights. I knew it wasn't true, but still. Then I saw his day planner and how it was even more full than I thought. I never made fun again.

David Drury said...

You're cracking me up, Mandy! I went through your journey a bit when I moved from a church plant where we came up with all our own crap (and actually, a lot of it was effectually "crap") to a larger church where they never moved a mustle until asking the question "What did 5 other churches larger than us do when faced with this task?"

I used to hate that, but now, like you, I have saluted the scarlet beast and ordered a complete set of Purpose-Driven Barbeque Tools.

Not sure if I've sold out for the good of the kingdom or if I just conqured the "I can do it better" pride-demon.

Or maybe ministry just takes more time than people in seminary think it does.

Related thought: I wonder how many of my presbyterian seminary buddies are still sticking with that 30 hours a week in message prep law they had in seminary?


Lani said...

You inspired me to also eat crow. When my mom went back to school, I gave her such a hard time about being SO worried about her grades. I now find my self in the same situation. The apology was accepted last night by wonderful Shirley. Thanks for the reminder to be transparent even when it requires being humble, even, and especially, in the little things.

Ken Schenck said...

I always looked down on those formula moms too.

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your blogspot! It is nice to hear what you have been up to. About that eating crow...I like my crow with a bit of ketchup. It helps soften the taste. I know this because I have eaten it before. I have formula in my pantry, pre-cut scrapbooking pages, shampoo and conditioner in one bottle, and I now drive a minivan (with duel sliding doors I might add). Horray for making life easier!!! Now I can spend all that extra time I have saved torturing myself and feeling guilty for making life easier on myself!!!!

Elizabeth Ewer

Amanda said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I'm feeling much better about myself.

I'm at the Youth Convention where I just read a statement from Mark Oestreicher. Oops, I mean "Mark-o"...that's what all the cool people call him.

He just gave out a warning that people who think that they are the only ones who can produce quality curriculum might have a problem with pride.

He's probably right. So I'll join Liz Ewer and spend the extra time I now have on alleviating my guilt.

Amy said...

*laughing out loud at "Purpose-Driven Barbecue Tools" * :)

Tony Myles said...

Dave -

I hear the whole "gotta screen it to be sure it works" deal. I love McManus' spin on this - choosing to be the guy who takes the risk than being the "early adopter" who waits to see if the first guy falls on his face. The former guarantess failure (which many large churches don't want to mess with) - the latter guarantees being a part of the cool crowd.

Of course we all admire the cool kid who takes the risk... but there's a fine line between being the trendsetting cool kid who wears lime green shoes versus being the outcast punker who only has other punkers to hang out with.

Sorry... I think I had a point somewhere...