Thursday, October 27, 2005

Big Sick Baby

I'm sick. Very, very sick. After a whirlwind weekend in Michigan I returned home with a fever, sinus infection, strep throat, and fluid behind my ears. I was kept awake last night by a throbbing fingernail. I had to sleep sitting up so I could breath. I'm sick. Very very sick.

When I went to the doctor she said, "Now I'm not going to give you the 'wash-your-hands-a-lot-and-cover-your-mouth-when-you-cough' lecture because you're a woman and probably do those things anyway. Men are a different story. They're just big babies." I gave a nervous laugh (mostly because John could beat me in a cleanliness competition any day of the week).

John was sick last week. Whenever someone finds out that John has been sick, they always ask, "Is John a big baby when he's sick?" I normally say "yes." He asks for tea, medicine, movies, etc. He sits on the couch, blanket wrapped around his shoulders while giving the "Pop-I-think-I-have-the-black-lung" cough (ala "Zoolander").

Normally, when I get sick, I'm just a little baby...I ask John to pour me a drink of water, but I get my own medicine. I ask him to adjust the temperature while I get my own book.

But then I started thinking: what do I possibly have to gain by suppressing the big baby inside of me? What do I get out of being a martyr? Why do I try to prove to John that I can take care of myself? Am I trying to impress him? Surely walking around like a zombie in my bathrobe, with Marge Simpson slippers, and Kleenex stuffed up my nose won't impress anyone. If anything, it shows a lack of intelligence.

So yesterday, on my way home from the doctor, I decided that I was going to try being a big baby. I got home and sat on the couch. I asked John to do menial task after menial task. He adjusted the temperature, volume, my feet, etc. He fetched lunch, dinner, water, snacks, books, movies, etc. I was a complete baby, and John rose to the occasion...he even seemed honored!

So that's the little lesson that I recently learned--that sometimes it's better to just be the big baby.

By the way, with the gravity of my illness, I have been unable to keep up with normal e-mail correspondence...So I apologize to anyone who is waiting on e-mails from me. I'll have John respond to you ASAP. I am very, very sick after all.


Gwen said...

Mandy! Enjoy being a big baby!! I think it must make one feel like a little kid when our moms use to take care of us while we cuddled up under blankets on the couch. You know, chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, toast . . . now our husbands take over and it sounds like John is taking very good care of you.

Kudos to John for serving you so well!

Maybe this is a good time to watch the next season's Alias. May good health return soon!

Erik said...

Black Lung! Hahahahahahaha!

I can so see that.

Yeah, Beth and I have this too, but she learned early on to be a baby. She does the routine of couch, movies, tea, bed, rotate.

At least when John is sick you take care of my house I am on my own!

Bigger question...are men or women the bigger baby?...or does it depend upon the poerson entirely?

Amanda said...


Fortunately, Season 4 came out on Oct. 25.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until tomorrow for it to grace my mailbox.


Yeah, I guess it depends on the person...maybe women tend to vocalize the situation more, so it only SEEMS like men are the bigger babies. I don't know. I'd have to do some web-based research to give you a more definitive answer.

By the way, I have two new best friends:
1. Z-Packs
2. Chloraseptic Sore Throat Relief Strips (they are like the bad breath Listerine strips only they numb your throat...amazing).

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm a big baby too. But my wife will only give me little baby amenities. Wish I would have married John.


Amanda said...


John just read this post and said that he couldn't tell the difference between the "little baby me" and the "big baby me." So maybe you could be a big baby and your wife wouldn't be able to tell the difference?


Keith.Drury said...

Poor sweet baby... here have a take the whole box! want some green tea? How about if I get you a pillow from the bed? No, I don't carry away used Kleenex..ask John for that!

Christin said...

Mandy you are so adorable -- for a big baby, anyway.;-)

Tony Myles said...

Did you know that you and your hubby are on-line?

Gotta love the power of google.