Monday, September 19, 2005

Youth Room Make-over

Step 1. Find a boring youth room.

Step 2. Find students to paint and lots of plastic to cover the room.

VOILA! You've got a youth room!

The students were hoping to play "Trading Spaces" with the synagogue next door but agreed to forego their desires.

We had our official Elevation kickoff (aka youth group) last night. Thanks to those who prayed.


Christin said...

What a cool room and who's that cool-looking girl with the net?;-)
Bravo! I'm sure Ty Pennington would be proud.

Keith.Drury said...

ta da!

I like it!

kari said...

so great! how cool that you did that... and let the kids put in the work! i love it.

Gwen said...

Way to go! It looks great. From boring to bravo - looks like you're having fun.