Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to our Apartment

Hello. Welcome to our apartment. I've been meaning to post these pics for a while...the only reason I'm posting them now is to get certain people off my back (ahem, Kari). John and I are living on the third floor of a house built in the 1840's. The second floor holds two apartments.The first floor is a pediatric dentist's office. On an occasional morning, I am welcomed with the sound of a drill buzzing and a child crying as I walk out the front door. Very pleasant.

You enter on the second floor and take the stairs to the third floor.

This is the living room/dining room/kitchen where we spend the majority of our time. There are six skylights off to the right which make lightening storms very enjoyable. The piano that you see straight ahead is new...well, new to us. Someone gave it to us. It's horribly out of tune, but hey! Free piano!

This is what John has dubed "the listening station". If you were to come for an unexpected visit, you would probably find John sitting on the floor listening to records. (We rescued this chair from the dumpster.)

Some of you will notice that we have a new t.v. So long to the little 14-incher with its own handle. (We pulled the two chairs from the side of the road.)

The dining room. (Todd and Lisa, you may recognize the wicker chairs...let us know when you want them back.)

The kitchen--complete with dishwasher (almost as exciting as the washer and dryer).

Hallway (duh)

Our bedroom #1

Our bedroom #2

Our bedroom #3 (The red chair was rescued from the dumpster)

Office #1 Where John does lots of thinking.

Office #2 (the black chairs in the office were given to us by a friendly D-town relator who was getting new furniture...are you noticing a pattern with the chair in our house?)

The bathroom--only one shot of the bathroom. There's a shower and toilet as well, but I didn't think you'd be interested in seeing those.

Thanks for checking out our pictures. Come see the real thing. If you're ever in NYC or Philly let us know.


Kari said...

Gorgeous!!! It's so great!!! I love the slanting walls, the open space, and especially all the amazing free 'side of the road' furniture! I LOVE IT!

Keith.Drury said...

We DID see the real thing and it was comfy. Thanks for the meals, and fun, and for letting us beat you at cards. (or did you win--I forget).

The Cubicle Reverend said...

That is a great looking apartment. My first apt. had a halway so small we couldn't fit any furniture through it.

Gwen said...

Wow! I love your apartment. The thing I love about old houses is imagining the kind of people who lived in them back when. I doubt that they heard the drill of a dentist.

Thanks for showing us. I enjoyed the tour.

Lani said...
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Lani said...

Your apartment is great!! Even with all of the furniture from other places and people, it is quite representative of you guys.

David Drury said...

Great place. Thanks for posting!


- You're so funny, Mandy. You were born to blog! (Among other things that might have more missional meaning, however)

- I love the "rescued chairs" thing. That's a message you could preach to your youth or to the whole church when you get up to bat. Describe each "rescued chair" you have in your house and how close to being dumped it was and how you restored them or re-furbished them or just simply threw put them in a place where their "function" was more important than their "style." You of course see the application. That's the easy part. The story is the gold.

- Your place is pretty darn roomy and with lots of great rooms. I hadn't caught yet that you BOTH have an office (I thought John was doing the library rat thing he's so good at). How cool is that!

- The place was re-done really well. The last pics I saw were in the renovation process and I couldn't make out what it would look like. What a great "1st place" (In some ways your first "off-campus" home you live in more than a year is the one you remember most).

- I can't wait to visit! Maybe I'll fly out solo or just with Max or something and check you guys out.

Jess said...

Awesome place! I love the openness! It's so fun to see where people live! thanks for the pics!

pk said...

Spend a lot of time at the dumpster do you?

The place looks really great! Thanks for sharing.

Samuel Bills said...

Thanks for the tour - can't wait until I can see it for myself.