Friday, September 30, 2005's overrated.

This summer, the high schoolers met at my house every Wednesday from 9-10 pm for a bible study (aka dive). Once school started, it became very clear that between swimming, soccer, National Honor Society, and homework, an evening event was not going to fit into their schedules.

So it was with much fear and trembling that I announced to the high schoolers that dive was going to switch to an AM event--we were going to meet from 6:15-7 AM.

Their responses had an interesting progression:


All throughout seminary, my teacher Kenda Dean continually claimed that the higher we set the bar, the more we'll encourage participation...while I thought this was true in principle, I was nervous about actually acting on this assumption.

Last Wednesday a small group of us met with our Starbucks and bagels and dove into the book of John. We were all tired, but the atmosphere was electric. Since showing up at 6:15 am had such a high price, the students were even more eager to glean insights from the Bible...they wanted to get their money's worth.

By the way, I just came across this Starbucks commercial that I'm going to play at Elevation to advertise for this early morning study...Check it out!


Amy said...

Awesome--that commercial had me laughing out loud. At first I thought it was just like the one on TV for International Foods coffee or something...but this one was better!

Very cool about the AM group too. To get high school kids somewhere by 6:15 is a feat...never thought about the idea that they'll be hungrier to meet with God since it was costing them something. Interesting thought to ponder.

Keith.Drury said...

I might or might not get up for a 6:15 Am Bible study, but I'd get up for Starbucks coffie for sure--what does this say about my values?


Neat idea!

Josh said...

I'm with Coach!!!

Cool - Let me know how it's going in a few months...

I found with adults in Sydney...the fewer events/services/meetings you had, the higher the commitment. I guess "higher bar" doesn't always mean MORE.


Gwen said...

I agree with Keith - the Starbucks coffee (particularly a Caramel Machioto) would be the drawing factor for me. Not sure if it's a question of value as much as it is an individual preference of the morning lark vs. the night owl.

But, if the kids are hungry, they may be motivated at any time! Great alternative for the busy evening schedules - if there would have been coffee shops around and open at 6:30 a.m. when I was a teen, I might have been a morning person and a happy one (ref. to Starbucks commercial=).

Anonymous said...

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