Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Through the generosity of some new friends at church, John and I were offered an amazing vacation home in Eagles Mere, PA.

This is Fitch Cottage--there is a beautiful wrap-around porch where we spent the majority of our time reading.

When we weren't reading, we spent quite a bit of time on the lake in kayaks and canoes.

Ah! The perfect vacation...books and a fireplace.

Lance and Amy Peeler joined us for our last few days at the cottage. We then expanded our activities to include: reading, kayaking, canoing, and endless games of Risk.

Some of you have been at me to post pictures of our new apartment...and I will eventually. However, I'm currently trying to extend this vacation for as long as I can. Ah!


JohnLDrury said...

sweet pics and captions!

Lance said...

Awesome pictures, Mandy!

Keith.Drury said...

dip, dip dip [pause]

dip dip [pause]

dip dip dip [distant goose honks]

dip dip dip [pause]

(that's me canoeing on the lake in the first pictire

Christin said...

Ah, I feel relaxed just looking at your pictures.

Amanda said...

As serene as these scenes look, the house at night was pretty scary...four floors, 10 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, old lighting with hard to find switches. We made sure to turn on the important lights before the sun went down.

We discovered that it's difficult to be scared if you're singing the "Kit-Kat song" ("Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece...") And so every night, walking up the stairs to our bedroom we sang.

Oh yeah, and there's a gorilla in the basement. I really think there is.

Gwen said...

So great to see pictures of you two. John must be fitting right in with those Pennsylvanians with that John Deere sweatshirt on :). Glad you had some R & R time (Reading and Risk).

David Drury said...

Now THAT's a good vacation for a pastor and a PhD student!

hope you keep the frame of mind from the vaycay even while back to the grind.

rebekah said...

mandy! great to see pictures of you... it makes me smile and reminds me that my friend really is still out there. i miss you and love you