Wednesday, June 08, 2005

So I was talking with Kathy Lee last night when she said...

(Disclaimer: This post has nothing overly edifying, thought provoking, or theologically's just a story that happened to the East Coast Drury's)

John and I celebrated our third anniversary with a very romantic meal at Kathy Lee Gifford's house last night.

The way this unfolded was a bit random. I'll provide the necessary dialogue in the way I imagine this whole thing unfolded.


(KLG and EM, a woman from Holland, MI, sit at a coffee shop in Florida. KLG pulls out a book.)

KLG: Hey, I just read a wonderful book.
EM: Hey, I know the woman who wrote that book!
KLG: Hey, no kidding.
EM: Yup.


(KLG and EM are talking on the phone)

KLG: Hey have I ever told you about the musical I've been writing for the past 7 years?
EM: Hey! No. What is it about?
KLG: It's called "Hurricane Aimee." It's about the preacher Aimee Semple McPherson.
EM: What's so special about her?
KLG: She's known for starting the Four-Square Gospel Church. She preached in plays and circus acts that drew thousands to her Angelus Temple in Los Angeles.
EM: Hey, that's pretty cool.
KLG: She was quite a controversial figure. Married 4 times. Left her second husband repeatedly in the middle of the night. Claims she was kidnapped by the Ku Klux Klan. Later in her life, many believe she faked her own kidnapping and went off with her lover while the nation feared the worst. Yes. She was quite the lady.
EM: Yup.


EM: Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you put on the musical at your house! We invite big New York theater people who could potentially put your show on stage, Affluent people who could donate money to make this show a reality, and Mandy Drury and her husband--she's a woman pastor.
KLG: Okay. I like women pastors.
EM: Her mom was the one that wrote the book you like.
KLG: Okay, I like her mom's book.

(The End)

That's the scoop. Here are the stats involved in the above conversation:

* The book: Listening to God by Marilyn Hontz
* The Musical: "Hurricane Aimee"--it was incredible. Aimee was neither villianized or romanticized. SHe was shown with all of her flaws. We saw this musical performed in KLG's basement theater and were mesmerized. She had hired a cast from Broadway--Aimee was played by the lead of "Mama Mia," Carolee Carmello.
* Kathy Lee Gifford: Very spunky and gracious and knows how to cater a swell party.

So that's that. I was fascinated by Aimee Semple McPherson and the way that God could use a messed up, broken vessel to change lives. I wonder if there's ever a point where God says, "Hey, so-and-so has gotten a little too kooky for me. I don't think I want to associate my name with him anymore." Maybe?


Christin said...

This is just an amazing story Mandy! I had heard from my own prestigous circle of famous friends (aka The View;-) that Kathy Lee was trying to produce this play. I was skeptical, but it's cool to hear that KLG made a great musical out of it.
So has she gotten funding for it? How did the rest of her dinner guests recieve it?

Christin said...

PS Who's EM?

The Cubicle Reverend said...

I guess it is good that Kathy is having a life post Regis. Though I have to admit, I wish she'd continue to be gone.

Dibs said...

Smanders, you didn't try to trip her did you??

Amanda said...

I suppose I shouldn't have written the dialgue in the way that I one seems to believe my story.

I did try to leave out the more unbelieveable details (like they named their dog "Regis").